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Please pray for those who have requested prayer of the Catholic Healthcare International’s St. Pio Worldwide Adoration prayer Team. This new page (May 4, 20024) will post the requests in addition to the usual email team members receive every 7-14 days. 
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Please pray for peace in the world.

Please pray that the full funding for the medical school comes in quickly.

Please pray for baby Francesco to receive a miraculous healing.

Please pray for a full, fast, and miraculous healing of Fr. John Rocus.


May 23 | Ann asked: Please pray for my friend PO who has received a difficult diagnosis. Pray for the strength to endure and the Grace of God to remain healthy for many years to come. 

May 23 | Hrvoje asked: Please pra for Goran who had a had bone marrow tranplation cause of leucemia.His muscle are lost cause of kortikosteroids he must take.Let God restore his health. Please God relieve him from pain and let everything be good in recovery phase and after in his life.In Your mighty name we ask You. Thank You for allready answerin our prayers.

May 22 | Emad asked: Please pray for my children, I love them so much but the are indifferent towards me. I feel depressed, abandoned, and all alone. I badly nee their company. Pray to God to give me immediately, much joy, peace and companionship and much affection, love and help, from my sons, daughters, brothers and sisters, grandchildren. Thank you. Amen.

May 20 | Elana asked: Pray to God now that he makes it stop raining here in Italy in the city of Bologna and its province and in all of Emilia Romagna, it has already been raining non-stop for 3 days and many places have already been flooded and many houses are under water, starting now you pray to God that he will bring back the good weather and the sun right away. Thank you.

May 20 | Xavier asked: Pray for eternal salvation of John Lobo, Antonia Fernandes, Zacaristo de Mello, Marianina da Silva, Francisco Nunes, Crecencio Vaz, Jeremias Pinto,
Lina Coelho, William Azavedo, Vincente Dourado, Royce Fernandes, Celsious Fernandes, Valeriano Rodrigues,Themis da Silva, Ida Coutinho,Conceisao Godinho,Lino Mendonsa, Sebastiao Fernandes,Joseph Barbosa, Victor Mascarenhas, Aureliano Pango, Batista Monteiro, Leonida Diniz, Joseph Araujo,

May 19 | Pat asked: Please pray for Keith for his biopsy tomorrow. Please pray for a clean bill of health. 

May 19 | Bensilal asked: Thanks for all the favors received through your wonderful intersession before the Eucharistic Lord. My brother’s son’s marriage and our travels from the USA to India and back went well. Thanks a lot for your prayers. Urgent Prayer Request.

Please pray for my mother, for ehaling from cancer. Please pray for my son, for successful completion of his post graduate work . Please pray for my Daughter, that she gets a scholarship. Please pray for my younger son that he finds God-fearing frineds, stays away fromt he internet and does well in school. Please pray for my youndest daughter and son that they study well and grow in wisdom pleasing to God. ANd pray for me, for good health and a grace-filled life, that I do well in my studies and am filled with the Holy Spirit. 

May 19 | Ashley asked: Please pray I am free from the spirit of moab.

May 19  | Emad asked: : I am Emad, you pray for me who disappears, now and forever, depression, nervousness, deleterious thoughts. Give me now and forever, peace of mind, peace of soul and peace of heart and so much happiness. Give me serenity, joy and positivity.

May 17 | Shelley asked: Please pray for my terrible work situation and to banish evil from my life.

May 11 | Chris asked: Please pray for my mother, Marie, as she enters hospice.

May 13 | Jere asked: please pray for the happy repose of the soul of my sister, Margaret Love. Please pray for my dear friend’s son who is having health issues.

May 11 | Randall asked: please pray for my daughter Christina to be set free from demonic influences. Please pray for my son Dominic as he discerns in his second year of seminary.

May 12 | Anna asked: i am 22 years old woman, high school graduate, felt called to the religious life on February 2024, while working at meijer part time since 2023. I don’t know if I am needed to work full time because only those who are allowed to have days off work, not part timers. I fear I may not able to have time to actively pursuit this vocation.

May 11 | Theresa asked: Please pray for my duaghter Maria to know God’s will in her life.

May 11 |Xavier asked: Pray for eternal salvation of Socorro Pereira,Nicerata Pereira, Degolasao da Costa, Joseph Noronha, Sonia Mendonsa, Michael Lopes, Josefina da Cruz, Mary da Costa, Pedro da Silva, Joaquina Cardozo, Francis de Souza, Nascimento Fernandes, Lily Fernandes, Joseph Andrade,Espidiao Baretto,Carmina Menezes,Eufrazia Fernandes,Adolfo da Silva,Fatima Gomindes,Roque da Costa,Joaquim Fernandes,Alex Carvalho,Joao Baretto,Ambrosio Pereira,Agnelo Fernandes,Violeta Fernandes, Santano Rego, Kennedy DeSa, Delfino Rodrigues, Antonio Gomes, Aswin Cardozo, Eliza Dias, Herman Rodrigues, Etelvina Baretto, Felicidade Pereira, Victoria Coutinho, Adelina de Souza,

May 11 | Anne D asked: Please pray for my family, my finances, and the health of Brian Antoinieta, nainai Bryson Eric Desmond Malcolm and family Dr pigot Mrs Goldman Rob Ann Carlos Radhika Renuka Gloria frank rolande. Pray I get my papers soon and my car sells for a good price