St. Pio Adoration Chapel

Terri and Mary Schindler Schiavo

The Padre Pio Adoration Chapel

The Padre Pio Adoration Chapel will be built on 40 acres of land donated by Bishop Boyea, Bishop of the Diocese of Lansing, Michigan.




You can follow the updates of CHI’s federal lawsuit against Genoa Township, Michigan over the Township’s denial of CHI’s request to build a prayer campus and modest adoration chapel on its 40-acre property at AFLC’s website here: AFLC CHI Case Page

Frequently asked questions

A couple of major anonymous financial donors, along with professional architectural services donated by Swanson Design Studios in Lansing, have provided the initial resources for us to begin the extensive preliminary work, approvals, and permitting process necessary for building the St. Pio Eucharistic Adoration Chapel.  Once the permits are granted and the funding is provided we expect to begin the site prep, grading, and paving.  We hope to continue the building project expeditiously, but we will need the additional funds from this current campaign to achieve this goal of $5 Million to complete this important work.

UPDATE: The township planning commission approved the special permit to build as churches are an allowable use in the current zoning, but the township board rejected the application. CHI has retained the American Freedom Law Center to handle the case pro-bono and has filed a federal Religious Liberties Lawsuit. The township then filed in state court forcing CHI to remove all religious items from the land and has banned ‘organized gatherings.’   ><>

When the federal court rules to allow religious items on the 40 acres, we will add prayer stations to the trails first, followed by the chapel. St. Pio had many setbacks in his time following God’s call to relieve suffering, and CHI is following in his holy footsteps. As St. Pio said, “Pray, hope and don’t worry!” 

We have prayerfully discerned the will of the Holy Spirit to guide us in every step as we have pursued this vision from the moment of the initial inspiration from St. Pio.  It is clear to us that the Holy Spirit and Padre Pio personally assembled our current leadership team and guided us to the Diocese of Lansing and Bishop Boyea, who immediately welcomed us and joined our team, and in addition to his wonderful support and Episcopal leadership, donated a plot of land for our Casa USA prayer campus in Howell, Michigan.  God is great!  Wait on Him and He will guide you.

“Commit your way to the LORD, Trust also in Him, and He will do it.” Psalm 37:5

There are many factors that come into play in the implementation of such a comprehensive and complex vision.  With every aspect, we always rely on prayer and discernment to know God’s perfect will and timing.  The theme “It is time!” is the manifestation of our discernment, which has led us to actively implement our International Eucharistic Adoration Program, our three new formal Padre Pio Prayer Groups in the Diocese of Lansing, and now the campaign to build our St. Pio Eucharistic Adoration Chapel on our campus in Howell, Michigan.  We are also in active planning, discussion and negotiations for our Terri Schiavo Home For The Brain Injured, our School For The Relief Of Suffering Medical School, our Santa Maria delle Grazie Pilgrim Shrine, and our Home For The Relief Of Suffering Hospital…all in the charism of St. Padre Pio.  We will move forward expeditiously with all of these key initiatives, but we will rely on the Holy Spirit and Padre Pio to provide the discerning wisdom to know the perfect time and circumstances for each initiative.  Obviously, adequate financial resources are always a key indicator that “It is time,” so please help us identify passionate supporters who can help us bring all of the components of this inspired vision to a reality as quickly as possible…and begin helping those in need of “Relief of suffering.”

“Commit your way to the LORD, Trust also in Him, and He will do it.” Psalm 37:5

Very simply, it was a direct personal inspiration from St. Padre Pio who told us that “It is time” to replicate his Home For The Relief Of Suffering in the United States as a model of fully faithful Catholic healthcare delivery for our country…Indeed, a beacon of light in a culture of death.


Everyone who senses a call from the Holy Spirit and St. Padre Pio can help in many ways. 

Obviously, financial requirements are always major thresholds…and a project of this magnitude requires significant funding.  We are following the wisdom of our patron St. Padre Pio, who relied entirely on the Hand of Providence to build the Casa in Italy, and absolutely refused to borrow funds and go into debt which always comes with significant pressures.  If you have the ability, please prayerfully discern if you are personally being called to help in that way.  If not, everyone knows others who have the heart and financial means to contribute.  Please prayerfully consider introducing us to them. 

Also, as Padre Pio said, “Prayer is the foundation upon which the success of the Casa will be built.”  Please join our International Eucharistic Adoration Program, and encourage your friends to join so that we have 24/7 prayer around the world in front of the Real Presence of Jesus Christ for our Casa USA work.

Yes! We would love to talk with you, or please go to our Donate page and make a note on your donation. We will add their name the Chapel Builder’s team.

Yes! Please give us a call to discuss the many opportunities to memorialize your gift. 

Our supporters say

"Let us pray most fervently that the noble resolve of Catholic Healthcare International will enjoy an abundant outpouring of God's blessings. Let us also pray that it will receive the needed support, in order to fulfill all that it is resolved to do for the sake of those who have the first title to our care, the sick and the suffering. May the Holy Spirit give to the leaders of Catholic Healthcare International and to all who work with them a generous portion of the spirit of Saint Pio of Pietrelcina, the spirit which is alive and active in The Home for the Relief of Suffering."
His Eminance Raymond Cardinal Burke
American Cardinal Prelate of the Roman Catholic Church.
“My family and I have long hoped and worked diligently to help those discarded children of God like my sister Terri to get the care they need so badly, and to implement a world-class rehabilitation facility to serve as a safe-haven for them in their struggles to live the life God wants for them abundantly and with dignity. Through this all I had a devotion to Padre Pio even before I met Jere Palazzolo, and prayed constantly to him to bring this vision to a reality. I cannot tell you how happy I am to be a part of this team, and to see the commitment to our shared vision, and to see this vision becoming a reality with such energy and enthusiasm. This is exactly what St. Pio envisioned when he named his hospital the Home For The Relief Of Suffering.”
Bobby Schindler
Director, The Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network
"I ask that you pray for the efforts to emulate St. Pio's healing charism as a model of faithful Catholic healthcare delivery in the United States." Please join me in "...praying to St. Padre Pio to bless all of our efforts as we move ahead with all of the activities being sponsored by Catholic Healthcare International." As Padre Pio said, "My past O Lord to Your Mercy, my present to Your Love, my future to Your Providence."
Bishop Earl Boyea
Bishop of the Diocese of Lansing
“Over three years ago it was very clear to me that the Holy Spirit and St. Padre Pio were guiding us to join together in collaboration, and it was my great honor to introduce Jere Palazzolo & the inspired Catholic Healthcare International/Casa USA vision to Bishop Earl Boyea & the Diocese of Lansing, Bobby Schindler & The Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network, and my work with Christ Medicus Foundation/CURO to collaborate together in implementing the Casa USA vision in the Diocese of Lansing. The Holy Spirit has confirmed the veracity of this discernment by the expedited momentum that is growing and the great fruits our efforts together are already bearing. To Him be all of the honor & glory!”
Mike O'Dea
Founder of the Christ Medicus Foundation