In memory of Dominic and Eileen Palazzolo From Ruth Siragusa
In Loving Memory of Bridget Eleanor Merkle
2023 Honor - Eugene and Constance Sheeran
Fr Louis Solcia and Larry Lewis
In memory of Richard Sperle
2023 Memory Bro. Steven Ueker, OFM Robert maryJo Schuette
In memory of parents from Carol Rogala
In memory of Franklin and Gladys Smith from Robert Smith
In memory of the Webers
Rosario Criscuolo Memorial donations
In honor of Dr. Garofalo from Arturo Morelli
In memory of Mr & Mrs Kirby
2022 Memory - Grandma & Grandpa - by Helena Cardenas
In Memory of Connie and Eugene Sheeran by Anne Sheeran
2021 Memory - Paul Basu
2021 Honor - Louise Meehan
In Memory of James Clark from Maureen Clark
In Memory of Fred Weberling from Michelle LeTarte
In honor of Rosario
2021 Honor - Bleggi Taylor
2021 Memory - Har Byrne Light
2021 Honor - Clark
2021 Honor - Tacey O'Shea
2021 Honor - Talsness
2021 Memory - Har Byrne Light