Children of a Lesser God?

Netflix is a repository for some truly heinous programming. If television is often some kind of junk food for the intellect, then Netflix is, perhaps, the equivalent of vending machine burritos, or gas station sushi; not really good for you. Nevertheless, we all occasionally stroll in the gutter

Patriarchy and the “War on Women”

In the echo chamber of the pro-abortion popular media (which is almost redundant, after all, is any of the popular media pro-life?) common phrases used to disparage the pro-life position are, “forced birth”, “misogynistic ruling class” and “patriarchy”, or “GOP patriarchy” when political parties are included. In a perverse twist of logic,

John Fetterman, Disability and Dignity

Ethics are non-political. An action is either right or wrong and its ethics, or lack thereof, are independent of political parties. In some sense, one may say that politics are the opposite of ethics. Ethics simply are.

Abortion Saves Lives?

In the popular media, particularly following the overturning of Roe v. Wade, we are inundated with the assertion that “abortions save lives” the implication being, if women are unable to get an abortion on demand, there will literally be bodies in the streets.

The Indefensible

Defending the indefensible is hard. In fact, it is impossible, hence the term, “indefensible”. Because the concept of “abortion on demand, for any reason”, is indefensible, the pro-abortion lobby buries itself in euphemisms and distractions to obfuscate the fact that the vast majority of abortions are the elective termination of a human life for no compelling reason whatsoever.

Euphemisms prevent honest discussion.

Whether one calls it a child, fetus, embryo or clump of cells, at conception, the fertilized ovum is undoubtedly a human life. It is clearly alive and clearly human, albeit at a very early and unrecognizable stage. That early stage, however, does not make it any less human.