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Welcome to our video page where we will post videos to inform and delight. CHI President, Jere Palazzolo, has created a series of short videos to tell the story  of the Padre Pio Home for the Relief of Suffering hospital, shrine, Adoration chapel, Terri Schiavo Rehab Center,  medical school, and public policy center. being planned for Howell, MI. 

Please click around and let us know if there is a topic you would like to see covered.

May God bless you!

How & why did the Casa USA start?
See images of the plans and how you can help
Video 1 - An Overview of the Casa USA initiative
Video 2 - Prayer is the foundation of the Casa
Video 3 - A Childlike Faith
Video 4 - The role of the Church in Healthcare
Video 5 - A Chat with Fr. Tim
Video 6 - The 'why' of the Padre Pio Hospital
Video 7 - Healthcare in a Secular Society I
Video 8 - Healthcare in a Secular Society II
Video 9 - School for the Relief of Suffering
Video 10 - The Casa Difference
Video 11 - Padre Pio, Miracle Worker
Intro Video
EWTN Reports about CHI
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