"School For The Relief Of Suffering"

A key pillar initiative for the Casa USA vision is the development of a truly faithful Catholic medical school that provides suitable formation for physicians and ancillary medical providers to practice as faithful Catholic professionals in our secular society. The School for the Relief of Suffering, will be a uniquely Catholic medical school in the charism of St. Padre Pio and fully faithful to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church. The curriculum will include both the highest quality medical education for our students, and also critical fundamental Catholic components: Catholic medical ethics, the Theology of the Body, the Theology of Life, the Theology of Suffering and Humanae Vitae.

Clinical rotations to St. Pio’s Casa Hospital in Italy and exchange scientific & clinical lectureships will insure that students enrolled in our School For The Relief Of Suffering fully experience the healing charism of St. Padre Pio first hand.

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