Tuesday, March 19, 2019

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St. Joseph is the CFO of CHI & the Casa USA – Pray with us on his Feast Day!

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Greetings to Our Close Friends of CHI & the Casa USA, & Happy Feast of St. Joseph…March 19th!!!

I have a request for you all to join us in prayer these next two weeks.

Some of you may know this important story as a part of our apostolate.

The Sisters of St. Francis of Perpetual Adoration, & the Chairperson of their health system the Sr. Jane Marie Klein, have been very close friends and supporters of our Casa USA vision for several years now.  The Founder of their congregation Blessed Mother Maria Theresia Bonzel had a strong devotion to St. Joseph, and every sister professed in the congregation to this day is dedicate with adding to the end of their professed name the words “…of St. Joseph”.  So our friend’s formal name is Sr. Jane Marie of St. Joseph.  They also rely on St. Joseph for all of their financial needs…calling him their CFO.  I read a story in the biography of Mother Maria Theresia that she visited one of their houses in the US at which the cupboard was completely empty.  Her first question to them was, “Have you stopped praying to St. Joseph?”  They had.  She immediately ordered all of the sisters to the chapel and commenced prayers to St. Joseph.  Only a few hours later there was a knock at the door, and a man with a large truck of food presented himself saying he felt called to deliver it to them, although he knew not why.

When my friendship with Sr. Jane Marie began, she recommended that we name St. Joseph our CFO, which we did immediately for CHI, the Casa USA, Marian Medical Services and our families.  We pray each day to him for resolution of all of our financial needs.  He is always faithful.

We have two big weeks ahead of ourselves for our Casa USA vision in the Diocese of Lansing.  On Thursday of this week (March 22nd) we have our first big dinner event hosted by Bishop Boyea for a number of Catholic business and healthcare leaders in the region of the Diocese of Lansing.  On the 27th of March we have the opportunity to formally present our vision to the Michigan Certificate of Need Commission in Lansing in our application process for approval of licensed beds for our Casa USA hospital.

Please join us in prayer to our CFO St. Joseph that he intercede to his Blessed wife and son for successful and fruitful events these two weeks, and for all of our needs as we work to implement this inspired “Work” in the charism of St. Padre Pio.  Thanks in advance for your prayers, and all of your support!

God bless!

Jere Palazzolo, President