Tuesday, March 19, 2019

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Election Day: A Miracle of Mercy in the USA

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Dear Friends,

It certainly has been a very heated and passionate election campaign, and the outcome is extremely critical to the future of the United States of America and our impact on the world.

As you know, many Catholics across our beautiful nation undertook novenas prior to our national election, putting the future of our country in the merciful hands of the Holy Trinity and the Immaculate Mother, patroness of America.  Even our dear friend Cardinal Burke led a daily internet novena for the Catholic faithful.  In my opinion our prayers were answered in a big way, and the Hand of God was very apparent in the outcome.  And all of this happened very Providentially only 12 days prior to the end of this Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy.  This is all definitely not a coincidence.

I want to take a moment to share with you all my personal take on what is happening, and how I discern God’s will in it all…clearly the most critical takeaway for all Catholics in America, and especially those of us involved in the delivery of healthcare and the care of the most precious gift of life.

Also, I know that we are generally encouraged not to mention specific candidate names, but the Presidential race & their positions have become so personal that in this case I am going to make an exception.

Over the past generation our country has become more and more secular, and the culture of death has been taking root for over a decade.  We allow abortion on demand, physician assisted suicide, have a governmental mandate to provide contraception as a part of medical insurance plans by employers, and our government fights providing conscience protection for individuals on issues we consider grave moral evils.  It is quite clear that Hillary Clinton supports all of these issues and wants to expand them…even late term abortions up to the day of delivery.  Also, the new President is likely to appoint 2-3 Supreme Court justices who will radically influence the law of our land for a generation to come.  Mrs. Clinton has said openly that she would appoint justices that support her ideological positions on life issues.  Her leadership team also corresponded their belief that the Catholic Church in America needs to change its ways to catch up with the modern culture of our country and popular beliefs about moral values and norms.  On the other hand, Mr. Trump has taken a pro-life stance and said he would appoint justices who uphold the Constitution and not take ideological positions on the law, and that our government should never infringe on religious liberties.

We were at a cross-road in our country with this election, and if Hillary Clinton was elected we would surely have continued on the current path of governmental infringement on our personal liberties.  It took a perfect set of circumstances, basic a miracle, to change the trajectory we were on and the tide that was predicted with great certainty.  In my opinion, a miracle is exactly what happened, and now almost instantaneously control of the entire government is in the hands of leaders who are ready to reverse all of these evil trends.  That is a modern day miracle of the greatest magnitude, that will likely drastically change the trajectory of our country very much for the better, and that of our entire world because of the influence of the US on the world.

I believe God has answered our prayers in a miraculous way…similar to the walls of Jericho tumbling down.  He has given us another chance and paved a way for us and our great country.  We now need to humble ourselves, follow His good and holy will, and be His instruments of change.  I am confident that God inspired us to pursue our Casa USA vision to be a key part of this reformation of the delivery of Catholic healthcare in our country.  Let us each accept the call, and get on our knees and give thanks to our amazing Father in Heaven and Immaculate Mother, and say yes to whatever is asked of us.  Thank you for your courage in this critical time in the history of our country and the Church in America.

May Our Immaculate Mother guide and protect you and your families, and Padre Pio pray for us all!

God bless you & God bless America!

Jere Palazzolo


Catholic Healthcare International

E-mail: jpalazzolo@chi-usa.com

“Pray, hope & don’t worry!” – St. (Padre) Pio of Pietrelcina