Tuesday, March 19, 2019

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CHI’s Episcopal Advisor Cardinal Burke Publishes Formal “Dubia” Addressed To Pope Francis

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Dear Friends,

Cardinal Raymond Burke, our Episcopal Advisor and courageous Prince of our blessed Catholic Church, has once again taken a leadership role in calling on Pope Francis to clarify the Truth for the Catholic faithful regarding some very key issues around which great confusion currently abounds.  I have reprinted below the excellent letter posted by Thomas McKenna of Catholic Action For Faith And Family, whom His Eminence has authorized to publish the Dubia itself, and an interview with him explaining why it was drafted and sent to the Holy Father.  I would strongly encourage you to read Mr. McKenna’s letter below, the interview with Cardinal Burke, and the Dubia itself which is included following the interview text (Please click on the link in the letter below for both the interview text and the Dubia letter).

Please remember His Eminence, our dear friend and dedicated Church leader, in your prayers.

Thank you & God bless!

Jere Palazzolo, CHI President


“All Cardinals have the duty of working closely with the Pope for the good of souls, and this is precisely what I am doing by raising questions of grave importance regarding faith and morals. I would not be fulfilling my duty as a cardinal, and therefore as counselor to the Pope, if I remained silent on an issue of such serious matter.”

        ~ Cardinal Raymond Burke ~

Interview regarding Plea to the Pope for Clarity,

November 14th, 2016.

Today, Cardinal Burke, along with three other key cardinals in the Vatican, published an important document called a Dubia addressed to Pope Francis.

Dubia is Latin for “doubts,” or list of doubts. In it, these four prelates respectfully ask the Holy Father to clarify statements in the document Amoris Laetitia that appear to clash with perennial Church teachings on Faith and morals.

These doubts have led to confusion felt by you and me and millions of Catholics across the globe.

This reverent appeal to the Holy Father requests very precise and specific yes or no answers to the following:

  • The eligibility of divorced and “remarried” Catholics to receive Holy Communion
  • The immutable teaching that some sins are intrinsically evil, e.g. homosexuality
  • The erroneous notion of a “creative interpretation of the role of conscience.”

I encourage you to read the document. No doubt in reading it, you will be aware that its language is erudite, intended for the theological acumen of prelates.

Knowing this, and in his apostolic zeal to help us understand how and why the Church provides for such appeals as a “Dubia”, Cardinal Burke granted Catholic Action an exclusive interview as a backdrop to understanding the actions of his three colleagues Walter Cardinal Brandmüller, Carlo Cardinal Caffarra, and Joachim Cardinal Meisner and himself.

Click here for Interview with Cardinal Burke

As truth is the oxygen of the soul, this Dubia along with Cardinal Burke’s interview is truly a breath of fresh air to help dispel the confusion surrounding Amoris Laetitia. This confusion has only succeeded in weakening the Faith, producing doubt and spreading spiritual discouragement.

“Truth spoken with charity is clear and pastoral!” You will enjoy and recognize that once again Cardinal Burke is clearly defending the Truth and leading his flock with charity through this turbulent time. What an encouragement!

I ask that you please share this email with friends and family that you think may benefit from it.

Please pray for these four heroic Cardinals that are humbly and respectfully asking the Holy Father to cast out the darkness of doubt and confusion by rekindling the Light of Truth.

I also ask you to pray especially for the Holy Father, Pope Francis, that inspired by the Holy Spirit he will clarify and dispel confusion.

May God bless you and your loved ones!

Your friend in Jesus and Mary,

Thomas J. McKenna
Founder and President